Thursday, April 16, 2020

Teddy - A non-Pseudo concerned EARS (Part I)

Once upon a time, there lived a boy, Uzzam, in a town named Joy. He was in his early twenties. He was around 5’10” tall with hazel green eyes, long nose, curly but neck length hairs and had a bit athletic body. He used to be a jolly boy with full of life and positive energy. There was a viral saying around there that whichever room he enters , it becomes a centre of happiness and jovial. He was the world of his mother, the apple of her eyes. His father loved him like The Sun loves planet EARTH; it burns itself to provide light. He used to be one of the brightest students of his class. He has always been a helpful fellow. He had hobbies like swimming, singing, dancing, painting, writing. He had a life. But, God had different plans for him. 

Just one week before his board exams,  his childhood friend , Atul, who was also his first friend ever, returned to India. When they were kids, they both used to play together, used to go to school together, study together and even sometimes used to crash at each other’s house. Both the families, being neighbours, grew closer and closer with time.
After few years, Uzzam’s parents got to know their neighbour’s source of income. Yes, they were drug smugglers. Uzzam’s parents, who lived their lives with principles and earned each penny with dignity. 
They couldn’t digest this fact, so they informed the police about the whereabouts and everything about Atul’s parents. 
Atul’s parents had some contacts in the department and so those people leaked the news about the raid. So, before the police could visit them, they sneaked out and left the country in the darkness of night. 
After leaving the country, Atul’s parents reached to the police and negotiated to let them come clean if they become police informants. The police agreed. 
So, with the return of Atul, Uzzam became really happy and felt alive again. Since, they became clean, so, they wanted to celebrate this freedom and announced a party at their house.
Uzzam and his family were invited too.His parents didn’t give a heck and decided not to go but Uzzam wanted to. Since, this was the first time Uzzam made any wish, so, his parents permitted him to go but to asked him to return before 10 at night because it was his last exam the next day.
Since Atul's parents had contact with the drug mafia, they were still in contact with some people from their last business.
A person came with drugs. Somehow, Uzzam got exposed to drug and couldn’t make himself present for his last board exam.

Since, he couldn’t  give his exams, so he failed, for the first time ever. For the first time, he cried. He became speechless. Numb. 

He locked himself inside his room for days. 
The boy who never misses his morning prayers and breakfast , now hadn’t left his room for days, hadn’t eaten anything. This was a change, a drastic change for him. He even planned on giving up his life but he thought he had his family with him.

But, not everything goes as we have expected. 
His family started behaving indifferently. He had to take in more numbers of disgraceful comments and taunts in a day than he had taken breaths. His happy and more than perfect life suddenly changed into hell.  
The boy who once was made the symbol of happiness has now forgotten the word happiness. He, who, once waited a whole day just so he could wash his father’s feet after he had returned back home after whole day’s work, has now forgotten time.

Weeks passed. New session finally began.

Stay tuned as next part will be coming this weekend. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020


It was that one summer morning which brought freedom to the world. Everything around me was happening as if nothing had really happened in the past few months. The residents in my locality started running errands like they used to do before it happened. The old ones started going to jog like they used to do before it happened. All the snacks counters opened after weeks and people started gathering around it to taste these delicacies which they have been missing since like forever.  The streets began to get crowded. The honking of vehicles broke the months long cloak of silence the country had been wearing all throughout. Chattering of people started again. The market people started shouting their trade cries. The Sun has finally risen for the daily wagers. People started leaving home as if they all get their bails and asked to leave immediately else will be trapped till eternity inside. This lockdown period definitely gave everyone a second chance to pursue their dreams(or hobbies) which at one crossing point of life, they had to forget about for their families. 

And this made me think of certain things.

Now, this house-arrest situation again brought the light to that room of their heart where all these dreams(or hobbies) has been made to bury. People who were forced to give up their dreams of becoming a writer because it is not a safe career option as it has uncertainty of success, now started to write again. The ones, who were forced to think that dancing isn't a decent career options are now going vial on the internet. The ones who once thought of dedicating their lives to music but the circumstances didn't support them are now making people smile and feel relaxed even miles away. The boys who were once told to leave kitchen because kitchen chores are for feminine are now trying new dishes and those stereotype parents and relatives are now eating it with the same sh*t mouth they once used to blabbered with. 

This world was definitely fighting through a pandemic but there was also a war being fought by everyone about reconsidering the decisions they have made or to keep on living with it. 

In this fast life, the era of technology, every family kind of grew apart. We may, now, can  know everything about the ones living miles away from us, whatever is happening around the globe, but, at the same time, we forgot to check on the ones with whom, we share the roof, the ones who is sitting right beside us, the one who is going through a lot in his life. The young ones who gets bullied in their school daily and is now planning to end this suffering in a less painful way. The grown up ones who is unable to cope up with the burden of responsibilities being put upon them in the blink of an eye and their love life and has come down from the employee of the month to the list of employees who are on the verge of getting fired next month; we often forgot to make them feel their importance in our lives. We just imagine it that they know how important they are to us and so we don't show it. We took them for granted.  

This lockdown has provided us with a second chance to resettle our long pending dues of forgiveness, repentance, apology.

About hundreds of thousands of people have already died who were not fortunate enough to get a second chance to settle their dues of forgiveness and repentance. You people have got both time and luck. Let's not let this boon disguised as a curse go in vain.

This is all I thought of saying  to the world from heaven with tears dropping through my eyes seeing these fortunate ones who got through this Covid-19 pandemic while I couldn't even get a chance to bid goodbye to my family.

Teddy - A non-Pseudo concerned EARS (Part I)

Once upon a time, there lived a boy, Uzzam, in a town named Joy. He was in his early twenties. He was around 5’10” tall with hazel gre...